Chapter 1. System settings and tuning

Table of Contents
1.1. My Studio
1.2. File system
1.3. Linux Kernel
1.3.1. Realtime Preemption patch
1.3.2. Configuration
1.3.3. Installation
1.4. Obtaining Reatime privileges
1.4.1. Realtime LSM
1.4.2. Using set_rlimits
1.4.3. Using PAM
1.5. PCI latency
1.6. ALSA

Audio creation requires a lot of resources. It requires also specific kernel configuration.


First of all, check that users who want to work with audio are in the audio group. For example, for a user youruser, just execute the following command as root: addgroup youruser audio.

1.1. My Studio

I am using a Dell Dimension 8400.

Table 1-1. My Studio


1 RME Hammerfall HDSP 9632 (+ the AEB 4/I expansion board)

Hard Disk1 SATA 250GB
CPU1 P4 3.6GHz EM64T with HyperThreading activated
Amp simulatorLine6 POD XT
Micaudio-technica AT 4041, Apex 170
Mic preampSM Pro Audio TB101
HeadphoneSennheiser HD 600
GNU/Linux distroDebian/sid, 64-bit