5.6. Playing with JAMin


To know how to build JAMin, see Section 3.12.

Masterisation is a complex step and it exists a lot of books and tutorial.

Figure 5-11. JAMin main window

Here is the advices of one of the Ardour's developers on using JAMin with Ardour:

  1. Open up either the editor mixer for the master bus or use the mixer window

  2. Right click on the black box above the master fader to open the context menu

  3. Select New Insert (it will automatically be a stereo insert)

  4. "Edit" the insert either via right clicking on the insert and selecting Edit, or "edit click" (CTRL-Right click) the insert

  5. Connect JAMin inputs and outputs to the send outputs and inputs

  6. "Activate" the insert by either right clicking on the insert and selectiong Activate or middle-click on the insert