To read: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

I am a GNU/Linux and Free Software oriented developer, working for Easter-eggs company (ENL). My personal projects are made available under the GPL license.

Current projects:

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I proofread the following book:


When I have some free time, I go hiking or biking with a tent and a stove.

I have been biking since 2009. I went to Vienna in Austria by the EuroVelo 6, in Santiago de Compostela in Spain by the The Camino de Santiago, Ireland; I toured Vendée in France, made a extended tour of French Brittany (1864 miles returning by the Center West) etc. You can find some of these trips on my blog Cyclododo.

By the way, my bike's nickname is Sisyphe... guess why ;-)

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At the beginning of 2021 I discovered the joys of walking, and since then I have been mainly hiking.


A big thank you to Marie Hermance for letting me use her paintings to illustrate my collections of poems.

You can also browse all PDF files or read them online on Calaméo:


I only compose with Free Software, and my songs are available under the Free Art License.

Nothing to play

Also, you can listen on the whole stuff on Dogmazic:


Most of these documents were written a long time ago, and are no longer relevant.